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Warpstock Europe 2019



The page says  that currently a social even on Friday is not planned. I will arrive Friday afternoon and if anyone is interested, book a restaurant for a group. Visiting a few bars is also an option, first round is on me (Out of my own pocket, not Voice funds)

Let me know here, might take a while for me to react, don't check this site daily.

Hi Guzzi,

I be there also on friday with my Brother :)

The provisional presentation schedule is now online.

The following is a post by Roderick Klein:

Dear Warpstock Europe visitor,

I am sorry for sending this reminder email that late but I have been
having some health issue's. I am waiting for final confirmation from
more presentations to be given!

Location and travel details can be found on www.warpstock.eu.
The schedule can be found here:
(So this is not the final schedule!)

If you can make it to Warpstock please book your ticket via
Access for 2 days costs 70 Euro. This includes lunch (warm buffet) with
drinks and coffee and tea during the conference.
We need to know if you are coming before the 9th of May so the hotel
knows how much food they need to buy!

As for mayor news on new web browser for OS/2/ArcaOS.
Visit https://articles.os2voice.org for the latest summary on the status
of the new web Chromium based browser for OS/2 and ArcaOS. We need your
donations! As the saying goes: "There is no such thing as a free lunch"
See the above URL for the donation options!
On the above URL you can find all information and with the URL how to

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE


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