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Hi All

Martins discussions about retro DOS and OS/2 games prompted me to put a menu system together for what was one of my early favourite DOS games, Digger from Windmill Software, and the extra game files available. This menu system is for use with the OS/2 port of Digger *and* the Extra game files.

DigMenu is available from hobbes http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/h-search.php?key=digmenu&pushbutton=Search

Digger for OS/2 - http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/games/action/digger-20140703.zip
Extra game files, *.DLF (Digger Load Files?) - http://www.digger.org/digextra.zip

This is an easy way to select and play any of the digger games available on your system; simply run through the
file dialogs to setup the menu system on first use and then play Digger or any of the extra game files available by doubleclicking or pressing Enter on the selected game.

I did try to post the above as a news item on os2world but that seems to have failed...

Have Fun  :-)


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Pete

I'm sorry that I'm slow with the news, but I had post it on OS2World now.
I hope to be trying your "DigMenu" this weekend !! Thanks for doing it !!


Hi Martin

Be careful - you may find Digger addictive  ;-)




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