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Rexx function changestr

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Per E. Johannessen:
Anyone knows which DLL contains CHANGESTR ?

(By the way, the reason I need this "search/replace" routine is that DBExpert has trouble calculating numbers in forms on systems where locale configuration for decimal symbol is a comma.)

David Graser:

--- Quote from: Andreas Schnellbacher on April 04, 2019, 10:12:00 pm ---
--- Quote from: David Graser on April 04, 2019, 09:52:00 pm ---Hobbes has a rexxutil.dll dated 2008.

--- End quote ---
That's Mike Green's valuable version of a OSS REXXUTIL clone.

Additionally, CHANGESTR is not defined in REXXUTIL.DLL. BTW: One difference of TRANSLATE and CHANGESTR is that TRANSLATE operates on characters and CHANGESTR on strings of any length.

--- End quote ---

I noticed he did include the sources if anyone some day wants to improve on the dll.

I found this interesting article on the subject.


André Heldoorn:
CHANGESTR is an Object Rexx built-in function.

The OREXX INF help file includes a Rexx version, so you can write and call your own CHANGESTR.CMD function:

--- Code: ---result=''
do forever
  if $tempy=0 then leave
--- End code ---

CHANGESTR() is also supported by KEXX in Kedit for Windows version 1.6.1.

I only learned this recently, been using TRANSLATE() since 1988:)

Wendy Krieger:
Regina has Changestr(). 


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