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Looking for driver for Intel 5100 8086:4232

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Ibrahim Hakeem:
Hey all, as the title states, I currently have an Intel 5100 8086:4232 card that is compatible but I've failed to locate the necessary GenMU driver (save for OS2Voice which I do not have credentials to) to go with it. Is there any location that might have this driver available?

Many thanks.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi, welcome to the forum.

Can you try the OS2VOICE server again?

Try with this credentials (that was publically available):

Remember that sometimes, even if the card has the same ID (8086:4232) sometimes differences on the firmware can produce incompatible. Good luck and please report back !!!


Hi Ibrahim

The driver you need is in this package ftp://genmac@ftp.os2voice.org/GenMU_INTEL_WIFI-0-4-9.wpi

However, looking at the W8086x4232.nif file I see you will need to make some changes as the W8086x4232.nif file references the older driver files NETW4X32.SYS and NETW4X32.REG but supplies the later driver files NETW5X32.SYS and NETW5X32.REG.

So, you will need to change both mentions of NETW4X32 to NETW5X32 in the W8086x4232.nif file.

Also, looking at the  patch.dat file included it is different to the patch.dat file I have for my Intel 5100 8086:4232 using the NETW5X32 drive files so the patch data is probably for the NETW4X32 drivers.

I have attached the patch.dat file that I know works.

Hopefully Doug, who usually takes care of the genmac driver file packages, will read this and double check the package.



Ibrahim Hakeem:
My sincerest thanks to you both! I'll be sure to report back with results once I get time to work on my X220 again  :)

Ibrahim Hakeem:
I'm glad to report total success! After the wrangling with file names and references, everything runs crisp!
This marks my first 100% functional OS/2 Warp install on any system.


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