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David Kiley:
So the ecomcenter has a "minimize all windows" widget built into it, which isn't in the ecenter by default.
I prefer the ecenter otherwise, so does anyone know if there is a way to add that to the ecenter? Sometimes I have a ton of windows open so it would be nice to be able to click one button to clear everything and get to the desktop.

Thanks for the info :)

Use the lswitch window list widget. Clicking 'Desktop' minimises all windows; another click restores them.

David Kiley:
Interesting- My ecenter doesn't have the window list widget installed. I see it on someone elses e-center on the screeshot on this older post:

If I click "add widget" I get a list of widgets, but the window list is greyed out so I can't select it.
Is it available for download somewhere so I can add it?

I see it's available as part of xcenter apparently:

But what if I just want it as part of ecenter?

I'm using ecomstation 2.1 home edition. I've also tried to google it but haven't found it yet :).

I was under the impression that ecenter was an eCS skinned version of xcenter so you should be able to unpack the xcenter distribution and use the widgets it contains.

Andi B.:
Maybe you have to create another xcenter/ecenter and delete the one you have afterwards. Thinks it was discussed here how to do a few weeks ago.

Minimize all - I had this function a while ago bound to one of the Win keys. But don't think it was in the xwp key settings but some other key tool delivered with some eCS versions. But can not find right now....


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