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Re: Pen for OS/2
« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2019, 11:28:04 am »
Hi Doug,

To try and get the GTCO CalComp DrawingBoard IV working as a mouse on eComStation start as follows:

You need to use the optional serial interface. You need to customize the tablet data format and communications parameters using the Menu Strip.

Mode: Run. Baud Rate: 38400. Data Bits: 8. Parity: None. Data Rate: 125 pps. Resolution: 2540 lpi. Output Format: 21. Emulation: Wacom Binary.

Using the above values I expect the tablet to interface the same way as the Lenovo ThinkPad (COM) models do.

Add DEVICE=O:\OS2\BOOT\PSCOM.SYS into your O:\CONFIG.SYS file assuming eComStation installed on drive O:

Reboot your system and run "COMRAW.CMD" to get raw input data. Run "DECODE.CMD" to display events.

Display from DECODE.CMD using the correct baudrate looks like:


Regards, Wim.
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