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Security fixes for Mozilla

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Dave Yeo:
I've been experimenting with porting security fixes from tenfourfox, a Firefox fork for PowerPC Macs that was also forked from 45ESR. Currently at about 50 changesets, over a 100 security issues patched I believe. For testing I've uploaded,
https://bitbucket.org/dryeo/mozilla-os2/downloads/firefox-45.9.0.en-US.os2-Pentium-m-SUa1.zip which also has unofficial branding instead of nightly.
https://bitbucket.org/dryeo/dry-comm-esr31/downloads/thunderbird-45.8.0.en-US.os2-Pentium-m-SUa1.zip and

Don't forget to turn off mozturbo before updating and marking DLLs to load high. Should only use the latest release RPM's

Doug Clark:
Thanks Dave,

Please remind me how to mark DLLs to load high.

Dave Yeo:
Install the highmem package with Yum or ANPM. then in your program directory, after stopping ffturbo (ffturbo -u),
--- Code: --- highmem -c *.dll
--- End code ---
then restart ffturbo or reboot.

Doug Clark:

Very nice. I notice this version does not have the pesky "It looks like you haven't started Firefox in a while" message at the bottom. Thanks for your work on this.

David McKenna:
 Thanks Dave! SeaMonkey working great here....


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