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Haiku gets NVMe driver


Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote ---Due to the awesome work by long-time developer waddlesplash, nightly images after hrev53079 have read/write NVMe support built-in.

These devices now show up in /dev/disk/nvme/ and are fully useable by Haiku.

I’ve personally tested my Samsung 950 Pro and seen raw read speeds up to 1.4GiB/s.
--- End quote ---

I always enjoy checking the progress of other alternative OSes as an off topic thing.


Matt Walsh:
Would be a nice item, but certainly we need wifi, USB-3, and our updated browser before we spend much on NVME drives.   I'm still contributing to updates by BWW and Arca.   Still like my OS/2 > eCS > Arca much better than Win or Apple.
Keep up the good work Martin.
Matt W.


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