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Backgroud celebrating 25 years old of OS/2 Warp

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Months ago someone asked me the background bitmap that could be seen in a post here. I found them again, I made them last winter in gimp ​​waiting eCSoft/2 came back online. After understand how to do an upload on Hobbes, I still wrong, sorry  ::) !

Martin Iturbide:

Nice backgrounds, just reupload the file as "" instead of "".

I guess that is going to "" is going to be deleted by hobbes.


Thanks, Martin. Just done a new upload and in fact now VOICE report it right. So, the file will be automatically deleted, hope.
But not all is automatic, is it true? periodically surely someone check it, really? Interesting, a server-side service like this one could possibly interest also eCSoft if there were much more active rumors about OS/2, to provide an hosting service (files/doc..etc). Only a Dream  :P.
The community now could only hope/wait for OSFree realize something right, it is  inevitable, as time progresses inexorably, and information technologies evolve, even with the best hope.

Do not misunderstand, I recommend it, I am convinced activist, not defeatist  ;D . I mean only the physical limit of the actual hardware, we still survive with honor, sure, but sooner or later you will have to compare of necessity with it (see EFI bios).

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Barbara.

About Hobbes: I used to have contact with a student that was hired to made a major overhauling to Hobbes, but sadly the student switch from the University of New Mexico and I lost contact. I'm not sure how much human intervention are on the hobbes file procesing this days.

I was trying to find an open source script that can have the same functionality of hobbes, to try to convince to move hobbes to something more standard (something like a Joomla but for files) but I was not able to find a good file-sharing script, that can be customize to be similar to hobbes. Any suggestion are welcome.

About OSFree: I want to this project to succedd, but it needs help. The main developers of this projects are busy with their real life works.

I want an open source OS/2 clone, but I think that everybody that tried that just make the first shot too big trying to cover up everything. I prefer to narrow it down by only starting with WPS classes over eComStation reusing the stuff we have (XWorkplace, XShadows, etc). That is my approach and it is open for discussion (if anybody wants to discuss it please read the blog), but sadly I'm not a developer and I have not been successful inspiring developer to join this phase on an open source OS/2 clone project.

But I  got a lot of moral support on this subject :)  I think that if I get the interested developers and build with them the development plan, I can try raising some funds to pay something to the developers.


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