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I just went to use Kompozer on my ArcaOS machine and all I get is a totally blank window, just the frame and header.  Nothing appears in POPUPLOG.OS2.

I then tried Nvu and it complained of a missing LIBC05.dll and PMDll shows that GCC322.dll is also required

Now, any ideas about getting Kompozer to run, or is that impossible?
The other thing, is it safe to add the two missing dlls for Nvu and if so where would they go?

Olafur Gunnlaugsson:
LIBC05.dll is the (15 year old) innotek version of GCC libc, they are usually supplied with the application and you may need to put the subfolder they are in in the LIBPATH

If they are not, you can find them here: http://www.dreamlandbbs.com/gfd/gnudev/gcc322b4.zip

This is the whole compiler but the dll's in there as well, the two dll's can be extracted from the archive and placed anywhere  in the LIBPATH or in the same directory as the program itself. As some old unix and Windows ports rely on these dll's as well, it makes sense to place them in x:\os2\dll so that you do not have to install them again for other old ports.

Olafur Gunnlaugsson:
Please note that the dreamland site is occasionally unavailable

Dave Yeo:
The official libc05 is here, (use an OS/2 browser) http://www.os2site.com/sw/dev/gcc/old/libc-0.5.1.exe.
Which Kompozer did you try? I should still have the source and could try rebuilding it.
You can also use Composer, which is part of SeaMonkey and what the others are based on.

Thanks everyone.  I have Nvu up and running, just pulled the DLLs from my NAS storage (I was concerned that they might clash withthe DLLs  for the nixi ports.

Dave.  Since there is nothing that gives the version of Kompozer all I can say that all the files are dated 28/08/2012.  If you could rebuild it that would be great or if Composer was a stand alone program and is newer that might be better.

Again thanks everyone.


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