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Martin Iturbide:

I wrote an email to Ian last week. He is having connection issues in his area in Australia. His server and himself has internet limitation right now and sadly he had no estimated date to solve this problem.

I hope that Ian can eventually connect and tells us more about this issue.


Ian Manners:
Hi All,

Yes, I'm having internet problems, as in none :(
It is looking like it will not be up for a while as I suspect the wholesaler of australian HFC service will nolonger attend site due to social distancing. I'm not qualified to replace a NTD (HFC modem) apparently :o)

Roderick has offered to host the website and I have sent him an SSD - the hosting will be without the need for authentication for site access.

If anyone else is interested I can be reached at ian at os2site dot com <== moved email to a hosting provider.
Hope you all keep well.

Dave Yeo:
Glad to hear you're fine in these weird times. Having a mirror is good as well.

Ian Manners:
Have internet access again with a permant IP but it is slower than our current 3G access, probably due to the lockdown and everyone trying to work from home as we are on a HFC segment with 97 connections. I will move DNS around after my Wednesday exam and turn the server back on, Wednesday is a window that might be as long as Friday, I'm still trying to get Zoom working for Uni (cant get past the capture under Linux or Windows), do the shopping and study while feeling old all at the same time.

I think once one or more mirrors are organised, my server will be purely email and rsync replication. It's all getting to hard :(

Roderick Klein:
The os2site.com is live. Ian send me a hard disc from Australia and OS/2 VOICE now hosts a copy of the website.
Ian and I are working out the details so he can update th website from Australia. So from that perspective things should be somewhat back to normal.



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