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Doug Bissett:
As I noted earlier, you don't need to use SAMBA server. All you need is the SAMBA client, which will co-exist with the older, OS/2, network support, and allow you to log onto the Linux SAMBA server. You probably do need the latest version, with supporting software, so it will actually work reasonably well. Google "netlabs samba" to get the latest information.

You will probably run into user ID, and password, problems when trying to get the eCS SAMBA client to log on to Linux SAMBA. It seems to work more like the Win 7 (and probably win 8) networking. I have not found a reliable way to get it to connect, but it seems that "Authenticate for browsing" is the key, meaning you need to add the user ID, and password, BEFORE you attempt to log on to Linux (or even display that a share exists). It does work, but I don't, yet (and probably never will), have deep layers of sub-directories to play with, in Linux. I do in an eCS, home built, NAS box, and that seems to work okay, but large file transfers, using the SAMBA server, seem to die after a while (99% CPU on the server). RSync seems to be the most reliable way to do mass file transfers (Linux, and eCS). Poking around in Linux, with the few directories that I do have access to, from the SAMBA client in eCS, seems to work okay (once I get it to connect, and it is much faster than with a SAMBA server, in eCS).

The bottom line is, that the SAMBA client should do what you want, and it should co-exist with what you use now.

I use rSync successfully for the transfer of numerous, small files and FTP for the large ones; that works well; easy and requires little to no user participation once setup.

I only need something for single file retrieval and basic, simple administration.

I did not know that the SAMBA client will work alongside the OS/2 MPTN servies; I'll give that a try for it sounds like it has potential.

Will post results.

I solved this problem by eventually getting SAMBA to install on my Ubuntu File Server.

I then installed the SAMBA client for NetDrive.

After learning Dee's Angelic Script, (a highly arcane and esoteric language used to hide the inner knowledge of *nix), I managed to configure it all and all presently working fine.

Two problems down... a few more to go.


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