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Warp with 2 sound cards?

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I remember back in the Warp 3 days I had at one point managed to find a way to get Warp to recognize and be able to use 2 sound cards at the same time, each able to do different things - either playing different audio out each card, or having one doing a record the other a playback, or both recording different things at the same time.

Does anyone know if this is still possible with current drivers?  I know that MMOS2 is still pretty much the same as it was in the Warp 3 days so I imagine it can still  handle it, but drivers -  particularly UniAud and some of the CMI and SBLive drivers don't seem to be able to handle this, at least I have not had much luck.

Anyone know if this is still possible?

If an app or a REXX script does not explicitly specify a specific audio device then the default device is used. USB 10.227 now comes with an applet that hooks itself into the Multimedia Setup Objekt and that allows easy default device selection ( regardless if USB or not).
But if you want to select a specific device then the app needs some logic to query the available devices and to select from those. OS/2 provides the necessary API but an app has to use it.
For a REXX script, you need to open a specific device,see the REXX mm helpfile on how to do that and what schema the audio device names follow.
Yes it should still be possible.

Wim Brul:
From experience I know that pm123-1_39.exe and PlayRec.exe allow you to select the audio device to be used for their playback.


Thanks for the replies, I'll have to try again.

Lars, I did recently install your USB drivers, but had not paid close attention to the applet for changing the default.  I'll have a look at that, it may be partly what I need.

I'll also have to try out PlayRec, it looks like it may do what I want. 


I just tried the REXX interface: even though it claims to be able to specifically select a WAVE device in the form "Waveaudio01", "Waveaudio02", etc. that will not work. Instead it will effectively use the device that is specified as the "default" device via MMPM2.INI.

I guess that is due to a longstanding bug in Warp 4 and beyond where it is necessary to not only set the default WAVE but also the associated default AMPMIX device to have any sound for a specific audio device (in short: you have to set these as a pair).

But the REXX interface does not allow to specifically select an AMPMIX device.
Therefore, once you set the default AMPMIX device via MMPM2.INI, you are effectively also selecting the WAVE device.

My applet cannot work around this twisted design. It can also not be held responsible. The design is just broken.



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