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Doug Clark:
Is there a utility or program that runs in OS/2 that I could use to create an ISO from the contents of a CD?   I don't see how to do that in DVD tools.

Or must I fall back to a mac for this task?

Andy Willis:
I purchased RSJ so that I could support my USB DVD/RW and it has the ability to create an ISO.  I think mkisofs will allow you to create an ISO but I don't know the command parameters needed.

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---Is there a utility or program that runs in OS/2 that I could use to create an ISO from the contents of a CD?
--- End quote ---


Years ago, Tonigy was not free, but that changed. From a message that I saved:

--- Code: ---Registration is free!

Use the free key:


The key is official. It can be used for non-commercial purposes with no limitation.
--- End code ---

Note that Tonigy is an old program, so it may not work in all cases.

Rich Walsh:
There are two ways to do this if you have DVD Tools installed: the "right" way and the quick-and-dirty way.

From a command prompt, run:  "readcd dev=0,1,0 -f=test.iso -retries=32"
Replace the 'dev' value with the SCSI bus address used by your drive, and change the filename ('-f') to whatever you want. If needed, run "readcd -scanbus" to get the SCSI address.


Run the "Copy Disk" app from DVD Tools to copy the disk. When it finishes reading, it will prompt you to replace the disk with a blank one. Instead, open your %TEMP% directory (usually 'x:\var\temp') where you will find a very large file whose name is all hex digits (i.e. 0-9 + A-F). Move this somewhere else and rename it, then cancel the copy.

FYI... if you do this the "right" way, Copy Disk is still helpful: it displays the SCSI bus address as part of the "Source Drive" identifier.

Martin Iturbide:

I haven't tried it in a long time, but I remember mkisofs command line tool can create ISO files.  (cdrtools2-2.01.01a04.zip), but to be honest I don't know if it will be the proper tool.

Doug, please post back with your results.



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