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Create an ISO from a CD

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In the cdrwsel (untested last package) under my site, you'll have included ( remydodin.levillage.org )


Doug Clark:
I am finally reporting back as requested.

I found three methods using OS/2 that work

1) The suggestion by Rich Walsh

readcd dev=0,1,0 -ftest.iso -retries-32

where dev=0,1,0 is the scsi address and test.iso is the name of the ISO file to create

2) Tonigy - which is an interesting animal.
With Tonigy (once installed)  you attached the CD as a drive letter on your machine using the Tonigy app.  Then when you open that drive letter  there appears the file
which you can copy.  That file is the ISO for the entire CD

3) eburnit
EburnIT is a front end for DVDDAO.exe

While DVD Toys can do it from the command line (#1) I didn't find any way to do it using its GUI.

Martin Vieregg:
I have written a batchfile collection BatchBurn for easy use of cdrecord. A simple command to create an ISO file from a CD is also included.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Martin

Just a different subject that I noticed. Is you 4allCalc and Hypermake  still for sold on BMTMicro? Because when I clicked the link it says "This product is not available for purchase". (Pic attached)

Just as a suggestion, if you are still selling your software, you maybe can talk with Arca Noae to put your items on their store too.


Wendy Krieger:
cdread.exe is the magic for making iso files from live media.

--- Code: ---To read the complete media from a CD-ROM writing the data to the file cdimage.raw:

readcd dev=2,0 f=cdimage.raw

--- End code ---

Use readcd -scanbus   to find out the value for 'dev='.

With DVDTools, you have to register them to add the iso-file as an option.  The unregistered version does not do this.


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