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Create an ISO from a CD

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David Graser:
DVD toys can make an iso image.  I have not tried making the iso from a DVD.  However one selects the drive and files to create the image.

Doug Clark:
Thanks for the suggestions

I first started with DVD tools on OS/2 and could not (and still don't)see a way to select an ISO as the target when it came time to "burn".   I will try the RIch's suggestion of running from the command line.

I did try MakeISOFS and could not get that to run successfully from the command line; at least the version that I downloaded.

I ended up using PowerDVD on WinXP . That software came with one of the CD/DVD drives I have purchased over the years. However even that would not work with the first CD I tried to create an ISO from. I finally concluded that CD had some sort of copy protection scheme because I also could not create an ISO from that CD on my Macbook.

The other CDs I needed to make into ISO worked fine in PowerDVD on WinXP ; just not the first one.

It would seem that is a fairly common task - at least now days. But it took me a long time to stumble upon the option in PowerDVD, cause it was not contained in the HELP.

Again - thanks for the suggestions guys.

Andreas Schnellbacher:
BTW: With cdrecord.exe you should be able to create an .iso from a CD. For Audio CDs, I've used cdrdao.exe years ago. I don't know about its state, but I suppose cdrecord can handle this in not too old versions as well (or better).

mkisofs.exe is for creating an .iso file from file system objects like files and dirs an a disk. It can't handle CDs as source. (UDF types may be an exception.)

Dave Yeo:
I have a copy of CDRecord v2.0.0 which has a few utilities for working with audio CD's though they may have been added by the porter.

Neil Waldhauer:
DVDDAO does it for DVD, maybe for CD, too?

dvddao --aspidriver aspinkk$ -d file:d:\temp\c2.iso scsi:1,1,0


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