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Martin Iturbide:

Just checking some other thread it makes me wonder if we should try to revisit some of the old Windows 32bits programs that used to run on ODIN and check how are they running today. Maybe today testing those apps can be easier with Virtual Machines, back on the early days of ODIN,  I remember I used to test some Windows apps with more constrains since I didn't want to screw up my OS/2 working configuration on real hardware and had bandwith limitations to download software.

Today I tried RealPlayer 8, to remember the old days, maybe it is not very useful now. But it was fun to see that the installer already worked, and also the program. I just run "pe rp8-setup.exe" and it installed, "pe realplayer.exe" to run the software.

I also remember that mirc used to work, but I didn't have the old ones, I tried the latest v7.55. It also installed, but it crashed with some error when I tried to run it.

Maybe it can be interesting to revisit some old Win32bits games.

Any Win32bits software that you remember that used to work, or maybe that you still use?


I have to admit I am using the Odin install from my old Warp 4.52 CP install (I just copied the Odin directory across to my Ryzen box).

That being said I have no problem running IrfanView (picture editing) and Photofilter7 (photo editing).  I used to have a few others running but haven't tried them in over 12 months.

For me its pretty awesome ODIN can run Office 97 programs from the CD (with errors regarding file paths, which is exactly the same when running thrm on Windows directly off the CD), though installing them is a different matter (the setup.exe program is a 16bit stub so you need to use acmsetup.exe but that fails with setup unable  to write files to the installation directory after a short while)  :(

The Windows XP version of solitaire runs, though the red cards are rendered black so it is difficult to play.

On the plus side, the 32 bit version of SkiFree runs like a champ  :D

Do you think it will be a good idea to try to revive the "Odin Compatible Application" database? (Here it is an archived link), but doing it on a Wiki, since it is the only easy to use technology I know :)


Doug Clark:
My vote would be yes.


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