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Martin Iturbide:
I remember that long time ago we used to have some discussion in a OS/2 forum, I don't think it was on OS2World but I'm not sure.

The discussion was if OS/2, eComStation (the Warp Community in general) should have a mascot, what should it be.
I even think there used to be a contest and some mascots showed up like "Captain Warp" and others.

I know it is not a critical discussion, but if I have to choose a mascot it will be an Elephant.

Why an Elephant?
Because it reminds me the OS/2 Warp evil registration screen that IBM made for all of us.

Remember this bad boy?

So an Elephant mascot inspired on this character will be good for me :)

What name should I put this Mascot?

I will name this mascot Art Chron, but just call it "Arty".  Remember why?

I don't know why this came to my mind, but If anybody remembers where I read this discussion long time ago, or if anybody has a link, please let me know. 

I remember something vaguely about this elephant and why it came into being.

I believe it was included in the first version of OS/2. It was something like a "nose thumbing" to someone who mocked the developers and said something like, (and I paraphrase), 'OS/2 would happen when elephants learned to dance'.

Thus, it was included in the first editions of OS/2.

That isn't exactly right, but it's something close to it. I'm sure someone else here can make adjustments... if the results warrant the effort.

I also find your mascot name interesting... about as interesting as Rat Ronch... which, (some of you may have noticed), is an anagram for "Art Chron". 8)

It is also mildly interesting that your mascot is a descendant of a mastodon...

All that is left for you to do is to put an "ascot" on it and you'll have a;

"mastadon mascot in an ascot ". 8)

Alright... that's my fun for today. I'm going now...

Hi Martin, there was an article on VOICE about, "The ugly duckling!" was the logical conclusion, since it reflect the real condition of OS/2 and eCS.
Sure I'd love the ugly duckling  :-* !!!!

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks for the article Barbara.

....but I'm trying to find out where I read that about Captain Warp, I think it was an old web page.

Here is a link to the older forum which had a discussion of it.

Here is a book called 'Beneath the Dancing Elephant'. It mentions OS/2. It is probably not related but I thought I would post it anyway. :)

An article on OS/2 Ezine.


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