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The Mascot

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Martin Iturbide:
ha ha.. good one. But the extinct elephant is a good mascot too,  it is just an mastodon :) 

...and it is always good to pull a laugh or two.


--- Quote from: Andy Willis on October 18, 2013, 11:30:44 pm ---An extinct elephant as the mascot might lead to comparisons to the OS with someone saying it was apropos.

--- End quote ---


Martin Iturbide:
I read the old OS2World forum thread, I also liked the idea of a mouse. A mouse is an animal and also part of the computer desktop :)

If a mouse is chosen, perhas it could be like the one on the children's show 'Between the Lions'? On the show they had a computer mouse that had features of a real mouse.

I like the phoenix bird the best. It is good since the phoenix bird is born out of fire, it is renewal. It is similar to OS/2 Warp being reborn/renewed in eComStation.  8)

I wonder if one could get a plush phoenix bird?  ;D

How about an OWL


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