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Eugene Tucker:
Put them up for sale I want one.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Eugene.

I have some issue shipping things from Ecuador, since the local postal company is into bankruptcy, I will check some other options.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi chaomantoy

You may try to create a plush toy of Artie.

It is a public domain image and I use it as mascot here.  But I can not guarantee the sales of it.


Wendy Krieger:
Artie was from OS/2 4.0, and reminded you to register your copy of OS/2.  You can deactivate it by deleting art.exe. contains a dancing elephant in front of a breaking window.  It's in relation to the quote that 'elephants can't dance'.  I have also an OS/2 2.x era wallpaper of the OS/2 elephant.  I think it was intended to refer to OS/2 being elephentine, but the period DOS/Win31 still came on 9 to 10 diskettes. 


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