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One Mix 1S Yoga mini laptop running Linux and Operating Systems?


Geeky Gadgets ... 3-07-2019/
I wonder how many other operating systems can one install on this? It indicates Linux and Windows 10.

I think it is neat and compact. It is like a tablet computer with a keyboard.

Roderick Klein:
I did a quick check if this system has CSM layer in the UEFI firmware yes or no. But I could not find out.
Its most likely a UEFI only system.

But as you know Arca Noae is working on UEFI support.  Alex Taylor presented a proof of concept of ArcaOS booting on system switched to UEFI mode.


Martin Iturbide:

If it has UEFI BIOS without legacy support it will be stopper #1, until UEFI support gets released for ArcaOS.

Will the "Micro PCIe NVMe SSD" work? I guess it will not working if I recall correctly some other discussion thread.

But I guess it will kill me to have that small keyboard  ;D ;D



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