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Sean Casey:
I have several NOS boxes of Warp Server that have been donated from one of the once great OS/2 ISVs that are available to anyone who is willing to pay shipping from Southern California.  PM me if interested.

Update: There are also a couple NOS boxes of Warp client.  I haven't seen these, but I'm guessing they are the V3 client.

- Sean

Language EN?
What is this NOS version? (Supposedly not to be built into the car to make it warp faster.. ; ) )
Can you estimate the shipping costs to DE?

Thank you in advance. : ))

Sean Casey:
They are all EN.  NOS was to mean "New Old Stock - shrink wrapped box pack" not Network Operating System :-)

It looks like shipping to Germany via postal service, no declared value, approx. 3.6 kg, would be about 114 DEM ($65 USD).  Your eBay might have better pricing? 

Woah, who is still using DM? ; ) - Since the year 2002 DM is no longer, and has been replaced by the infamous EUR. :D
65$ --> 58,41 EUR

Well.. I have asked ebay.. and it only gave me Warp3 Connect. Even a sealed one from the US, which is 104 EUR plus 60 EUR for shipping. URX... :D

Naw, I think your package is still the better deal, and also Warp Server on top! : )
Which one is it btw? 4.5 or 4.52?
And which way to pay? Do you support Paypal? : ) - should be the easiest way.

Sean Casey:
Paying in DEM would have been a great deal on shipping.  Euro it is :-).   I need to collect the boxes in the next week or two and I'll put one aside for you.   I'll contact you when I'm ready to ship.

I still have two other new Warp Server and two new Warp client boxes for anyone interested.


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