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Neil Waldhauer:
I think some people have a kind of pack-rat personality that accumulates things. This is just part of their nature. So we sell to them on e-bay. OS/2 users are getting on in years, so when one of these people passes on, there is a large collection for their heirs to deal with.

A quick google search will show that there is no value in those books, software, magazines. The computers are e-waste.

Sure they are valuable to some people on this OS/2 World. But how will they know?

I have a web page, http://www.blondeguy.com/OS2MuseumWest.html, that has a list of holdings for a collection I made. At some point, I realized I could not store such a thing. Robert Kuropkat came to my rescue, and is storing and curating the collection. He is constructing a better list. But he has run out of space at this point.

I'd like to have several places to accumulate some collections of physical items, like books, magazines and software. We have very cheap shipping within USA for these items. I do not have to suggest that they be stored in my area, one of the most costly in USA.

There are already several places for digital scans of books, magazines and copies of software. But we need a web page that welcomes donations, and we need people to accept donations and store them safely and catalog them

The latest collection has spreadsheets. (about 200 books and 800 software items).


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