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Martin Iturbide:
Hi Sean

If it can be possible, when you collect the boxes let us know how many and which ones they are (Warp 4, 3, red/blue spine, connect, diskettes/cd, etc).

Call me crazy, but I'm also interested on pictures of the OS/2 boxes in higher resolution for the OS2World picture gallery.


Sean Casey:
Update:  All the Warp Server's have found new homes, but two V.3 Warp clients are still available.

Sean Casey:
I finally picked up the Warp software and will be contacting the individuals who have requested copies.  This software has been donated to the OS/2 Community by Carla Hanzlik, co-founder of Sundial Systems together with the late Dr. Randell S. Flint, and one of the founding members of the still active Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG). 

Thank you Carla!

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Sean.

Can you please post (or send to my email) pictures of the Warp Server 4 box?  I can not find a picture of the back side of the box.  I would also appreciate to have better pictures of the front, bottom, top side that the ones I have. I want to include those on the gallery.


Wonderful! - Imo nothing should be thrown away. Everything should be contributed, what's not needed anymore. - Books, software, packages, etc.

Big thanks!!


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