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Sigurd Fastenrath:
As said elsewhere I plan to start the ArcaOS Youtubechannel by the end of this month. I already grabbed the name ArcaOS for it.

I am already in contact with ArcaNoae LLC to coordinate with them and to avoid legal issues right from the beginning.

It will be no official ArcaNoae LLC channel, it will be a "Made by User for User" channel.

Each and any critic/information/advice is welcome!!

My intention or plan is like this:

- there will be several videos with allways one topic

- each video will be a maximum of 5 Minutes

- no spoken comment, "only text" - english (maybe in german as well)


I will start like this:

001 - What is ArcaOS in 5 Minutes

002 - BIOS Requirements

003 - Hardware Requirements

004 - How to build the USB Installation Stick media


Each video will have a number at the beginning of the descriptions and a hint, wich version of ArcaOS is used (will be 5.04 so far). So in the future I may replace those videos with newer ArcaOS versions.

I would like to upload the first videos already in August, so this month.

This is and will be allways "work in progress", so your ideas, critics and so on are allways welcome!

Once there is more progress I will give an information here in this thread as well.

Thanks for your attention!

Dave Yeo:
Sounds interesting. Go for it.

Excellent idea! - For starters, you could go with topics from [the ArcaNoae Wiki]. Not sure though, if each of them can be handled in under 5 minutes.. ; ) - But still, these will be very helpful videos to link in the forums, or even in the ArcaNoae Wiki itself.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Sigurd.

I also think it is a great idea. Please let me know when you post the videos and see if we can also push some views on social media with the OS2World account.


Sigurd Fastenrath:
Thanks for the support!

Some more information here:

I ordered a used Thinkpad X250 wich I will use in most cases, and in my opinion will fit best for this as it is quite actual hardware (2015) that is still available and of good quality. The X250 will arrive next week and then I will begin to start. The X250 is very similar to the T450s I had some years ago, that worked quite will with ARcaOS (see Blondeguys Hardware offer as well http://www.blondeguy.com/computer/phenobopeep.html), and Mike K├Âlling thankfully provided already a lot of information about his X250 here and at os2.org.

I am still looking for good and license free background music and try to build a short trailer used be each video first.

In addition I already fixed the way I want to organize the videos:

0000 - 0099 ArcaOS Inside & Virtual
including requirements, BIOS, Installationmedia, ArcaOS inside Virtualbox, VM Ware, Virtual PC...

0100 - 0400 ArcaOS Hardware & Drivers
including test on different Hardware (like the X200T, the TP25, the X250, Sony Vaio Pro 13....), compatible Hardware at all etc., Drivers

0500 - 0900 ArcaOS Application Software
including Softwaretest, Reviews, Games and so on

Stay tuned :-)


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