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Rita Richason:
You'll will have to truthfully say  that half of the (very expensive) hardware won't work as well (if at all) as it does for Windows. X250 is no longer current. Lenovo won't even sell you one.

The Youtube medium needs 60-second, highly focused and fun videos. Go for short stuff at first. Lunduke's review is good, but most users don't know what a virtual machine is. You'll have to explain this. Lunduke did not.

These are essential tools for any video that you wish people to view:

1). a good microphone (your laptop microphone will not produce good sound). Try the Samson G-Track ProB Microphone as a start
2). A pair of professional quality  studio monitors (a headset). At the very least use the Sony MDR-7506/1
3). A dedicated web camera. Use the Sony dh110 as an absolute minimum.

This is quite an expense but these are the very least for making a watchable video. If the sound and video quality is poor, people won't watch more than a few seconds.  Best Wishes!


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