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Hmm.. have you tried the Wiki Commons [Music database] already? [What is that? (DE)] [Categories]

Tuure Linden:
Good luck with the channel! ArcaOS videos really are welcome because there are only a few and only one good review (by Bryan Lunduke and that's done in a virtual machine). I even considered making a video myself but now it seems that I don't have to bother.

Sigurd Fastenrath:
It is on it's way... some things to doublecheck though. Guess it will start before our User Meeting in Cologne on November 30th.

André Heldoorn:
Cheesy, but TOP 10'ish click bait (TOP 10 classic DOS games, TOP 10 best apps, TOP 10 productive tips & tricks, TOP 10 Windows 3.xx apps, ...).

Sigurd Fastenrath:
This idea or project is cancelled so far. The reason is that I can not find any hardware less than 7 years old (i.e. Thinkpad Series 220) where at least Sound is working. I did choose the X250 Thinkpad first, but there are so many shortcomings now, that it does not make sence.
No Sound
Only 2.4 GB RAM recognized
No USB 3
Yes, I did know from the beginning that there are some shortcommings, but without even Sound and the Memory problem it is simply to much.
Yes, one could use an USB Audio Adapter, a LAN to WLAN Adapter, but still...
So there is no way to show the Slogan on the ArcaNoae Hompage "supporting a wide range of modern hardware". Unfortunately.

So, if someone else would like to step in and open an ArcaOS Youtube Channel - go ahead!

I have another Video in mind though, showing Warp 3 on the Thinkpad 25. It was in October 1994 when Warp 3 sow the light of the day... :-)


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