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Qt 5 Base for OS/2

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Martin Iturbide:

Qt5 first release is now available for download. It is not yet on the netlabs repository, but on the netlabs experimental repository. (I don't know the rules on when it is going to be on the normal repository).

I had installed as suggested: "yum install qt5-qtbase-examples" and rebooted.

I think it would be great if the community can start testing it out, reporting bugs/issues (I guess here), testing software, and even dreaming what Qt5 open source can be ported to OS/2. But it is also important to help funding this project (webshop or via Patreon page).


Martin Iturbide:

Looking around I found a list of Qt apps available (Qt4 and Qt5) for other platforms. Not all can be ported, but maybe there is something interesting ;)

Any other links or ideas are welcome.


Dmitriy Kuminov:
Martin, thanks for popping this up! A couple of notes:
- Qt 5 RPMs will be moved to the release repository later today.
- Qt 5 consists of modules and each module has its own repository and issue tracker. Per-module tickets should be reported to the module's issue tracker. Currently we only ported the QtBase module. Its issue tracker is located here:

And here are the proper release notes btw:

A question, How backward compatible is it?  In other words will it run Qt 4 programs or do we need to keep our Qt 4 install?

I ask because I have about 25 Qt 4 programs that get from daily to weekly use.

Eugene Tucker:
I get this error trying to install the new Q5 libs. ERROR with transaction check vs depsolve:klusrmgr >= 1.2.2 is needed by libc-1:0.1.2-1.oc00.i686Please report this error at


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