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Tuure Linden:
I have a problem with my user account because I've forgot my password.

I'm currently logged in on my T60 and that's why I'm able to post here. But having forgot my password I can't login from elsewhere. When I try to reset my password byt choosing "I forgot my password" option I won't get a password reset link to my email. Is there something wrong with the forum's configuration or is my email service provider blocking the messages? And if so, are there any other ways to reset my password?

Dave Yeo:
Assuming you're using SeaMonkey or Firefox, can you use the password manager (under tools) to show your password?

Martin Iturbide:

I'm having some issues with the Joomla script on this site with the registration and the password reset.
I had tried a few things and I'm not sure I can fix it on the short term, I'm trying to migrate everything to Joomla 3 and hopefully solve this issue.

Can you try with the computer that you have your password to login on the main site ( and check "Your Profile" ( and try to "Edit your profile". Give it a try if you have access there to change your password.


Tuure Linden:
I'm using Firefox but haven't saved the password and I don't use builtin password manager. I'm probably still logged in on my T60 because of cookies. I'm using Lastpass, but for some reason, I haven't saved the password for this forum.

When opening the Martin's link I'm told to login first which I'm unable to do because I don't remember my password.

Hi Tuure

Do you still have the "activation" email from when you registered? - That should have your username/password combination.




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