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Quicky v0.4 (Qt 4) fix request
« on: October 01, 2019, 10:16:12 am »
Can the broken OS/2 version of Quicky be fixed? There is a documented one-liner fix for Windows:

Nice work! Thanks for usefull wiki! ^_^

Bit info about compatibility:
To run this app on windows I have made one change to wikiview.cpp file:

This code:

if (!url.scheme().isEmpty()) {

Was replaced to this:

if( !url.scheme().isEmpty() && url.scheme().size() > 1 ) {

Because disks C:, D: etc in windows - is also schemes (but should be seen as internal urls).

Now you cannot drop a file like C:\NewDir\Test.TXT. but you can use CMD.EXE to go to C:\NewDir and type "C:\Apps\QUICKY.EXE Test.TXT".

To test, drop a local text file (which should include a drive) or use a full file specification as an argument (e.g. C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT).
To install, perhaps insert "Type e.g. NETSCAPE %1 (menu Settings -> External Links)" between steps 4 & 5:

Code: [Select]
  4. Start Quicky
  5. Enjoy the app

I've attached an alleged source file (source:, second last entry).


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Re: Quicky v0.4 (Qt 4) fix request
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2019, 11:51:08 am »
Proposed OS/2 icon file for Quicky, by David Graser:


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Re: Quicky v0.4 (Qt 4) fix request
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2019, 02:53:08 pm »
Quicky.CMD is a wrapper for a broken Quicky 0.4 release. The OS/2 version of QUICKY.EXE, with this ported bug, was compiled in 2011.


The broken version of QUICKY.EXE is required. To install, save QUICKY.CMD in the same directory as QUICKY.EXE.

Setting a viewer for external links is recommended. Menu Settings (of Quicky), External Links. This optional setting can be NETSCAPE "%1" or E.EXE "%1", for example. If you want to, save Graser's icon file as QUICKY.ICO in the same directory as QUICKY.CMD and QUICKY.EXE.


Quicky.CMD requires one argument, the name of an existing file or of a new file. Not all possible file specifications were tested. File names will be uppercased (easy to fix).

Quick :) start

Go to the directory of QUICKY.CMD and QUICKY.EXE
Execute the command  QUICKY.CMD DEMO.TXT (it's assumed that DEMO.TXT is a new file)

Switch to the Edit mode (menu Edit, Ctrl+E, or paper & pencil icon)
Type Please use the '''link''' to open [[Quicky.CMD]]. (or select, copy and paste the text below)

Code: [Select]
Please use the '''link''' to open [[Quicky.CMD]].
Save the file (File menu, Ctrl+S, or diskette icon)

After having saved the new file, close Quicky.
Again execute the command QUICKY.CMD DEMO.TXT
Try to export the viewed file Quicky.CMD as a HTML file (quicky.html) via the File menu
Use the (blue) link to open the internal (= same directory) link "Quicky.CMD"
Toggle the Edit mode to switch between editing and viewing

After viewing the manual (menu Help, or F1) it looks like you cannot return to a document. In the File menu only Save (Ctrl+S) and Export HTML may work. Encountering bugs and missing features are quite likely; it's a simple app to produce basic formatted text.

Code: [Select]
/* Quicky.CMD, wrapper for broken Quicky 0.4 release (CLI, drag & drop) */


IF Left(file,1)='"' THEN PARSE VAR file '"' file '"' .
IF file='' THEN EXIT
IF Pos('-11 ',Stream(exe,'C','QUERY DATETIME'),6)=0 THEN EXIT

test=Translate(Stream(file,'C','QUERY EXISTS'))
IF test<>'' THEN file=test
IF test='' THEN DO
   IF FileSpec('P',file)='' THEN DO
      IF Right(here,1)<>'\' THEN here=here||'\'

IF Length(path)>1 THEN DO
   PARSE VAR path 1 path

IF drive<>FileSpec('D',Translate(Directory())) THEN '@'drive
IF Right(test,1)<>'\' THEN test=test||'\'
IF Right(test,1)='\' & Length(test)>1 THEN DO
   PARSE VAR test 1 . 2 test
IF path<>test THEN '@CD' path
'@'exe file


FWIW; it just makes components of QUICKY.EXE usable, without having to remember to avoid e.g. drive letters.
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