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Thanks again - Warpstock 2019 Trip


Martin Iturbide:
Dear Community.

Once again I need to thank the community for helping raising the funds to assist to Warpstock 2019. I will do my best to video stream the event and help locally with the organization. I'm only missing $100 of my goal but I guess it eventually covered on the following days.

--- Off Topic ---
From the personal side, I'm sorry to inform you that these days had been hard in Ecuador because of the local protests against the government. It started as a indigenous protest because the government remove the subsidy to gasoline (to everyone), but now it looks more like a communist protest to try to remove the president and let the old one (that ruled for 10 years) return. Even that my family and I are not in present danger, the stress that this situation produced since October 3 is not good. Since oct 3 people in Quito can not do their normal activities like going to school, work, grocery shop, or even going out to the movies. Every activity is interrupted by checking constantly the status of the protest and evaluating if there is going to be any danger returning home.

Let's hope this situation improves on the next weeks, but please understand if I am "out my nerves" on these days.


Martin Iturbide:
About the Offtopic.

It seems that the situation improved yesterday. It was a very stressful weekend in Quito, but today we returned to work. If there is an agreement between the indigenous and the government until Wednesday, I think this problem will be over. 



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