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OS/2 Warp News and Rumors--R.I.P.?

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R.M. Klippstein:
Have we lost this First Rate source for OS/2-eCS information? I hope its just me, using a outdatted URL!

Works for me...

R.M. Klippstein:
Hey thanks jdeb. I guess they changed the link and I've been using the old one. -- Good News!

Martin Iturbide:
please don't scare the soul out of me with that "subject".    ;D

But I want to take this opportunity to thank "Steve Wendt" for keep going with OS/2 news after all this years. He is the most important news source for the OS/2 community. He takes the job of going after the news and not waiting for the news to get him. I really respect this guy and the time he tooks to search for software updates which help all of us.


I am glad it is like the Energizer Bunny in that it is still going.  8)


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