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Martin Iturbide:

I will like to request help, any kind of help, on the OS2World Wiki.

I'm currently trying to bring more content to the OS2World Wiki, it can be from OS/2 software description, to hardware reviews, to complete articles, or just by surfing the wiki and fixing some typos.

To access the anybody that is registered to this forum, with the same userid and password can connect and collaborate to the wiki.

It does not matter if you have only one minutes at week or more time. For example in the wiki you can collaborate on your free time without problem.

Just remember that if you want to republish something from other author, you need his approval to release the content under the Creative Commons Share Alike license.

If anybody is interested please let me know.


Martin Iturbide:
For example... can add a page for you favorite OS/2-eCS software on the wiki.

Just search for it on the It there is not a page created, you can click on the name (red text) to create a new page.

After that a new page will show up and you can put something with the following headings:

--- Code: ---==Description==





--- End code ---

The category is important so we can link the page, but do not worry, if something goes wrong we can fix it very easily.


I will add some hardware, more modern stuff. I will poke around a little when I get some time, I am sure I can help out some. I can probably help fill in some gaps on the software side.

I am traveling for the rest of the week so I have limited internet access. Got a lot of hardware going in this week.

Martin Iturbide:

Create some pages, add some text and we will see how it evolves.

Hi Martin,

I just created a page as experiment:

Two questions:

1) is there a wiki command to show a thumbnail instead of the full size uploaded image?
2) Would be very important for me being able to add an Italian version of the above page. Is it feasible?



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