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graphic interface for smartahci

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Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: Jan-Erik Lärka on February 26, 2022, 05:20:08 pm ---This is just the exe, the icons reside in the other package

--- End quote ---

Hi, thanks for this. Sorta works after I built smartcrtl as in it shows the attributes of my first device, no others seem to work and Log, Report and summary are empty.
its a good start and has promise.
Wonder if it is easy to get the output from smartd as well, it usually goes to syslog

Jan-Erik Lärka:
You need smartmontools-6.6-r4424.zip, but here it list (smartclt --scan) the disks on my other computer as you can see in the images.
You've noticed the problem with the Attribute tab, as it empty it and then add more columns with data, instead it should remove all and rebuild it from scratch every time, so now you have to scroll further and further to the right every time it load data.
The tabs for Log, Report and Summary should be filled in once the test finish (not implemented).
You can see that the right click menu has been prepared (though grayed out for now as it's not implemented).

vx-rexx is available not only as a demo if you look around the internet.

Jan-Erik Lärka:
Anyone tried to add code that for example test a hdd?

You could try free DFSee v17 for that and I think Peter Brown's PMsmartctl does a good job of showing the SMART data on a hard disk.

Neil Waldhauer:
I'm not seeing my disks with smartmontools. I'm using the Arca Noae NVMe driver. I see we have smartmontools 6.6, but the release version is 7.3.


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