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Qt 5 version 5.13.1 OS/2 Beta 1

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Martin Iturbide:
Congratulations to Bitwise works on this new milestone.

I'm looking forward to try Qt5 and I hope to get more time to play with Qt Designer.


OK, I may be a bit thick today but what do I need to download to just run some QT5  programs?  It was simple with QT4 but I can't see what is needed for QT5 or do we have to wait for that to happen?

Dave Yeo:
The zips seem to be at

Martin Iturbide:

The Qt5  5.13.1 is still on the Netlabs experimental repository. On my experience it takes some days to be on the "release/regular" RPM repository.  If you want to install the experimental repo, I wrote this some time ago.


Hi ivan

You may want to look at for a basic readme.

Are there some qt5 apps available to try?




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