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One month till the user meeting in Cologne!

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Sigurd Fastenrath:
in exactly one month our eCS - OS/2 user meeting will take place in Cologne! The anticipation rises from day to day!

We are also happy that some other users confirmed their attention!

In my personal opinion (Sigurd) the eCS 2.2 project seems to have died already or is close to be dead  :'(, another good reason to visit this event - we may get some information from Mensys then ( :-X ?)and if not could discuss possible and impossible other ways of keeping OS/2 alive.  8)

Or just bringing back memories of the "good old days"! Or just saying and celebrating a "Goodbye", or.. what you would like to do relating OS/2 and eCS.  :D

We are looking forward to meet you!

Sigurd and Thomas

Martin Iturbide:
This are good news.  I wish you the best on this event.

I want to ask you, if it is possible, to do the following.

1) Take pictures and share it with us.
2) Video tape (record) the presentations.
3) If someone brings some presentation slides, request the speakers to share the presentations files with the general public. If it is possible to release it under Creative Commons Share Alike license. (if they want to of course)
4) If it is possible do some VideoStreamming (or audistreaming) on real time. You can use Google+ Hangout to stream (and record) on YouTube on real time for example. And the people on the internet can also be on some IRC channel for question.  (It does not matter if you stream with a Windows/Linux/Mac/iPhone/Android machine/phone, what the hell)

This is only if it is possible. I understand that you may be missing some volunteers and time to do this, but if you have the chance to do any of those go for it.


I think those are good ideas. Many more will be able to 'attend' it.  8)

Thomas M.:
Hello Martin.

As far as Sigurd and me discussed the event it seems that Sigurd will be involved in presentations and answering technical questions. So I regard the things you mention to be part of my duty.
Taking pictures won't be a problem.
Putting any presentations online shouldn't be a problem either.
But any kind of streaming or IRC I never did up to now. So I can't really say by now if we will be able to do that. Have in mind that we are just two non-professionals doing this the first time with reference to eCS / OS/2.
But we will do our very best to make it a good event.



eCS 2.2 is not dead. Roderick is back to work and I have already seen new activity in the bugtracker.


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