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One month till the user meeting in Cologne!

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I think that is good news.  8)

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Thomas

If you can also get a tripod and videocam, it will be get if you can videotape the meetings/presentations to be later uploaded to YouTube.

About the audio/video streaming. There are several options out there, too bad that there are not much eCS-OS2 options. For example, The last WarpStock europe was live streammed (only audio) with an iPhone. And it was good enought when it was working. About IRC, you just need to install Chatzilla on Firefox and go to this URL: irc://efnet/os2world  (for example)

A non-OS/2 option (sorry)  that I find interesting for Live Video Streamming is Google+ Hangouts on Air. It will broadcast live the video in a Youtube channel and will also store the video on your YouTube account. If you have the oppotunity to have an non-OS2 machine and a good USB webcam/mic near the speaker it can be interesting.

If you have a google account log in to "plus.google.com" after that on your top left the "home" icon and you will find the "Hangouts on Air".

I think it is a good option. Give it a try, it is very easy to use.


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