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Booting OS/2 with an Animation

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Martin Iturbide:

A month ago I tried this Japanese software (from 1997) called ANIBOOT, since I did not believe it was possible to have an animation on the OS/2 boot. But I tried it and it worked. For what I tested it only works on Warp 4.0 (no newer) in Japanese language.

Here it is the video running it on a Virtual Machine: https://youtu.be/xxx6abgH-mY

Sadly, the author told me he left the source code at IBM when leaving.


Martin Iturbide:
Also, I talked about this to two different guys at Warpstock and didn't know anything about it.

I'm posting this as a reminder to show them when I got the chance  ;D ;D


Martin Iturbide:
It seems that he modified the kernel.

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---It seems that he modified the kernel.
--- End quote ---

That would be a good bet.

Why you would want an animation, is beyond me. All it does is slow down booting. Even Microsoft doesn't do silly things like that.

FWIW, if you really want some sort of animation. look at doing it with QSINIT. It could play a movie, and then boot OS/2. I don't know if there is a suitable player in QSINIT, but one could be written. QSINIT is a small operating system, and should be capable of doing it, even if it is just a series of static pictures.

Valery Sedletski:
2Martin: Also, OS/4 supports color logos created as GIF pictures. Not sure if it supports animated GIF's, but everything is possible ;)
Most probably, no, of course ;)


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