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Booting OS/2 with an Animation

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--- Quote from: Doug Bissett on November 21, 2019, 03:38:12 am ---Why you would want an animation, is beyond me. All it does is slow down booting. Even Microsoft doesn't do silly things like that.

--- End quote ---

Windows 7 has a boot up animation.  It plays in the foreground while Windows boots up in the background.  It was comprised of four window panes coalescing into a single window amid a light show.

Win 7 bootup animation

Martin Iturbide:
I just found it interesting that on 1997 someone already hacked or binary changed the kernel to do something like this.

I personally like a "quiet boot" where you don't see any messages if the boot process is ok. It is like going from the "OS/2 square box", to the "Logo screen" and later to the "Desktop" without seeing any boot messages if you have no reported issues.

I think that an animated logo, not the way it is implemented as ANIBOOT, will be nice while the drivers are loading. I understand that ANIBOOT pauses your boot for the animation instead if running while the drivers are loading on the background.

Also, Windows 10 has the wait circle as boot animation, it is more formal that the stuff we had on the 90's, but it still an animation. On some Linux distros there was also a nice feature that you only see the boot logo, but if you pressed "Esc" you can switch to all the details of the stuff booting at that time.


Wendy Krieger:
OS/2 2.1 used an animated boot, so it ought be possible.


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