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Martin Iturbide:
Hi Guys.

This is something new for me. I didn't know that a way to promote OS/2 Warp was to include some kind of demo on the "3M 3.5" High Density DS Diskettes 24 pack". Very interesting. Does anybody tried it? I guess it was just some multimedia OS/2 demo.

Check it on ebay.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Jon.

It seems something went wrong because the picture of the item is a suitcase.
Check it out and put the pictures of the OS/2 Warp 4 Server you are offering.


Martin Iturbide:

It is the first time I see this wall clock.


Martin Iturbide:

Have you saw this OS/2 Watch before?


It is the first time I saw one like this.


Kevin Nunn:
I saw a photo of that watch awhile back and always wanted to get one. I have a ebay search for it, not sure why this didn't show up on it. Anyway, I'd buy it, but that $40 bid price + $18 shipping (USD) is a bit much for me at this time. :(



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