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Arca Noae and web and mail services status

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Lewis Rosenthal:
Hi, all...

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we stand after a catastrophic RAID failure on Tuesday night (December 10).

The main Arca Noae website remains up, and the store is accessible, as is all wiki content, and most downloads from the customer portal. New ArcaOS ISOs are not being spun, and subscription driver downloads are not available. Downloads from the Resources | Downloadables pages are not available (ANPM, eCo Runtimes, etc.).

Email remains offline, as does Mantis. This includes the ecs-isp, os2-wireless_users, os2-netware_users, virtualized_ecs_users, and usb-dev mailing lists. In addition, all VOICE mailing lists are offline. All posts sent to those lists since we went offline are queued at the firewall, waiting for the server to come back online, so they should be delivered in time.

As a result of email being offline, the Arca Noae store is unable to send order confirmations and renewal reminders. If anyone has a subscription renewal coming due, be assured that we will extend the due date for you (though you may certainly renew without a reminder email by logging into your account and selecting the subscription order itself).

Web sites other than Arca Noae remain offline, including Rosenthal & Rosenthal, my personal blog, VOICE, PMMail wiki, etc.

FTP is unavailable, as well, as are the Arca Noae YUM repositories and the US mirrors of the Netlabs YUM repositories hosted at

For those using Subversion, including the PMMail devs, this, too, is offline.

We are working hard to bring things back up again, and hope to have mail and other websites running at least in some rudimentary fashion in the near future. As you can imagine, it's been a rather stressful few days around here. Let's just say that the chain of events which led to this array failure was beyond my wildest expectations, and while I really did plan for disaster, it seems that there's always the one set of circumstances which gets left out of the equation, and this was it.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Lewis.

Sometimes this catastrophic events happens. I still have the scar of the 2012 HDD disk crash on OS2World.

Good luck restoring the services, let's hope you get back in service as soon as possible.


Lewis Rosenthal:
Thanks, my friend. Work continues. As you know, it's a process.

Alfredo Fernández Díaz:
I hope it will all be over ASAP -- stay strong and keep going!
Thanks for the update,

Sigurd Fastenrath:
All the best from me as well! I hopte you can enjoy the christmas holidays even though!


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