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Windows 10 App Starts Showing Ads, Microsoft Says You Can’t Remove Them

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Martin Iturbide:

Article: Windows 10 App Starts Showing Ads, Microsoft Says You Can’t Remove Them
Dec 15, 2019 06:39 GMT  ·  By Bogdan Popa

Windows forcing users to see ads. :o
Today it's only an e-mail application, but tomrrow there might be Amazon/Google ads.. and maybe not only at one place but on many, spread across the operating system.

Lucky there are alternative operating systems to Windows. : ) - Becoming more important by the day. - I do NOT want my operating system to recommend me stuff. I'd like to find and choose myself. >_<'
Windows has been worse enough with all these telemetry collection applications across all kinds of starters within their operating system.
Sure, nobody has things to hide, but people should have the opportunity to choose if they'd like to say YES or NO. Microsoft offering no alternative is yet another nail in their coffin. People might suspect they had no other choice, but who knows. There will never be trusty evidence.
Rather kick all this Windows stuff if one can and move away application by application..

Dave Yeo:
People do have stuff to hide. Banking info is an obvious one, passwords are another.

*g* true, but I rather meant the obvious stuff... what they always tell us to make us agree with all this observation stuff built in routers and operating systes these days: These are sold to us as mechanisms to earlier find out about terrorism, murder and the likes. - When saying "we have nothing to hide" I meant these things, most of us won't have in mind. ; )

Of course we DO have stuff to hide.. especially (as it always turns out late) such things, we do not expect to become dangerous one day. Best example still is this:
(Source: --> translated from DE)

--- Quote ---Amsterdam is considered a prime example of urban planning.
As early as 1851, the city began to systematically collect data on the population in order to optimally distribute its resources.
For the population register, the inhabitants willingly indicated their relationship status, occupation and religious affiliation.
In 1936, the system even switched to data acquisition with a state-of-the-art punched card system.
In 1939 a census updated the city register again.
In May 1940, the invaded German occupiers seized the register and, using this treasure trove of data, determined almost all Jewish inhabitants within a few days.
The majority of the approximately 100,000 Amsterdam Jews were deported to the Auschwitz extermination camp. From one day to the next, a marker in the Big Data Pool decided on life and death.
For 90 years before that, nobody had had anything to hide - after all, the recording served the good of all.
--- End quote ---

Well, we all do have something to hide it's called privacy.

The last thing that the people need is large corporations, (predatory and unethical by definition), poking around in our private lives. History shows what will happen to our freedom once that gets fully installed. Microsoft is particularly bad for it and on the forefront of personal invasion. I mean just look at the name, 'Windows'. It immediately conjures up images of a Peeping Tom.

We can assume that we have options with respect to OS', but the reality of it is that we will be given no choice, it's just a matter of time.

Some people could see this coming decades ago. Anyone who doesn't see it today is deliberately looking the other way. But many people just have a hard time getting out of lifes induced illusions of warmth and innate protection.

Look at where electronic devices are heading on the whole. We are we being given less and less choice to "block" or to say "no"? And the whole concept of electronic signatures and constantly-updated agreements are thinly disguised orders and many cheques and credit cards no longer require a written signature.

Even new small and large appliances have, (and some now require), an Internet connection.
Now, you have to ask "why?". Well, all here reading this thread know why.

If you think that it's going to get better you are fooling yourself. As long as we continue to accept it and give our money to it, it will continue to get worse as non-invasive hardware becomes less and less available.

Kind of hard to deny isn't it.


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