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Sigurd Fastenrath:
For those interested in:

I am working on a "new" Hardwareproject: by accident I was able to get an IBM Thinkpad Transnote via ebay USA from 2001. It was clear for me from the beginning just as I was realizing that such Hardware existed: That's something to be "Transwarped"  ;)

So I already made some efforts to restore it, replaced the CMOS battery and things like that. If you are interested in, here is the Link to the Forum where I published my progress:


I guess - as it is Hardware from IBM - maybe some of you have been using it in the past?!

I am really looking forward to see where OS/2 Merlin will lead me with this hardware....  ::)

Martin Iturbide:

Long time ago I saw one here in Ecuador, too bad I was never able to put my hands on it. At that time it was one of the coolest Thinkpad.

Let us known how your tests go with that laptop.


I think that is neat.


The un-official Transnote site.  8)

I used to have one when I was in Sales back in the day. I was in a car wreck and it was sitting on the passenger seat in it's bag. Unfortunately, it was hurled into the dashboard at a high rate of speed in my Ford Taurus wagon (old lady ran a red light). It was replaced with an X30. I loved that thing but if I recall correctly, the handwriting recognition was a little annoying. But at least my customers thought I was cool  ;D



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