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Started an OS/2 Discord if anyone was into that kind of thing:
May link it up to IRC in the future, we'll see

IRC is quite enough, me thinks :)

Just joined to #netlabs, which I have forgotten to do, but this was good reminder, thanks!


I also prefer IRC over Discord, since it's features are plenty enough for me. Also since all retro OSes have IRC support, regardless of AmigaOS, OS/2, DOS and the lot.
Discord is "not gonna fly" with any of them. - Also it punishes VPN usage, as you need to give them your mobile phone number, or else you cannot access their services.

Nonetheless Discord, Facebook, Twitter and the whole lot of "the new internet" makes absolutely sense to bring OS/2 also to newer users, who might not use IRC or have never heard of. - Generally thumbs up, even though I'll not be on Discord... for the said reason: They won't let me in. : ]

Martin Iturbide:

I like to try all the stuff. Discord had been used a lot by gamers and twitch streamers to communicate with their followers and even to have voice chat for some online games that do not have that feature.

It is always interesting to try other communication technologies. I also use Riot (client) and matrix (server), since it has a more open source spirit, and it also has a bridge with some IRC networks. For example you can access #netlabs IRC via Web.

What worries my is that services like Discord, Slack and others may come and go with time (Like IBM's Watson Workplace) and it is possible that the knowledge generated on those chats will be gone.


Valery Sedletski:
Does Discord have an OS/2 client? If not then I see no sense to use it for communication. As well as Telegram, Matrix etc. But Telegram
previously had a web client. Slack had both a web client and gates to irc and jabber. Now these gates are gone away, and web client no
more works with OS/2 browsers. telegram web client too. Though, I'm still using Slack via Bitlbee IRC to different IM networks gateway,
which I run on my Linux VPS server. So, I can connect to it with a simple IRC client from OS/2. Besides Slack, Bitlbee has transports
to ICQ, Jabber, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, VK, Twitter, etc. Of course, voice and video calls are unavailable from IRC, but usually text
is sufficient.


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