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OS/2 Discord Channel

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--- Quote from: Hakuchi on December 20, 2019, 01:09:06 pm ---IRC is quite enough, me thinks :)

Just joined to #netlabs, which I have forgotten to do, but this was good reminder, thanks!


--- End quote ---
I was actually meaning to bridge the OS/2 IRC channels into the discord (but of course I'll need permission from the IRC channel managers). Why not have both, I say.

--- Quote from: Valery Sedletski on December 26, 2019, 12:11:36 am ---Does Discord have an OS/2 client? If not then I see no sense to use it for communication. As well as Telegram, Matrix etc. But Telegram
previously had a web client. Slack had both a web client and gates to irc and jabber. Now these gates are gone away, and web client no
more works with OS/2 browsers. telegram web client too. Though, I'm still using Slack via Bitlbee IRC to different IM networks gateway,
which I run on my Linux VPS server. So, I can connect to it with a simple IRC client from OS/2. Besides Slack, Bitlbee has transports
to ICQ, Jabber, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, VK, Twitter, etc. Of course, voice and video calls are unavailable from IRC, but usually text
is sufficient.

--- End quote ---

Yeah I did use discord on OS/2 via firefox--although, it *really* needs the falkon Qt5 refresh.


--- Quote from: Devon on December 26, 2019, 11:08:56 am ---Why not have both, I say.

--- End quote ---

Jolly good!

More is MOarRr!


Just cannot see much value in it ... all old-f***s knows IRC and such and for us it's enough ... hard to see some individual who is using blinketi-bling-bling-what-ever-http-protocol-abusing-stuff would suddenly "find" OS/2 / ArcaOS just because of miraculously got interested of it due the discord channel.

But That's just me.

Been doing too much unnecessary what-ever-things in the past ... nowadays I'll take a very close look if the effort is worth of it ...

Yet, I still find spending hours of labour to make something nobody uses nor appreciates :)

Usenet groups and mailing lists and such good ol' thinkies would be something I'd like to see revival and more use.

Kudos to the one who ever made "Warp" @ .. let's kick that thingie alive, mmmkay?

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Hakuchi.

I made the Warp group:
It is more like an experiment, but everybody is free to join and see what comes of it.

Also, if someone would like to have moderation rights, please let me know.


Update: Corrected, I think I always use "anybody" in the wrong way.


--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on December 26, 2019, 08:07:03 pm ---It is more like an experiment, but anybody is free to join and see what comes of it.

--- End quote ---

Looks like we got one more subscriber already :D

I'm taking a look at to see if I'm able to use it, or more specific their API, in one project and of course one searches for OS/2 groups while at it :)

Dave Yeo:
Likely me testing how easy to subscribe it was, it was as easy as sending an email or two.


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