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Greatest keyboard of all time?

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David Kiley:

--- Quote from: Doug Clark on January 02, 2020, 05:49:55 am ---I am partial to the IBM Model M, as is the Linus Tech guy -

I get parts for mine at

--- End quote ---

I used that exact keyboard as a teenager  8).
It was great but i'm afraid I now need to use a split key keyboard to not get pain in my hands(currently using micro innovations but have also used microsoft elite keyboards before that).
My hands aren't as nimble as they used to be apparently.

Sergey Posokhov:

--- Quote from: David Kiley on February 14, 2020, 08:34:17 am ---It was great but i'm afraid I now need to use a split key keyboard to not get pain in my hands.

--- End quote ---

Here in Russia, we have a probiotic bacterias MPK-12 which fights pathogens of arthritis and some forms of cancer, known as Trichomonas (i.e. their form which lives in human blood).
MPK-12 is a breed similar to Milky Streptococcus which is quite good too. A local company, "Kvadro-Biotech" invented a method to grow them.

As of keyboards, I always found the Logitech G15 (first generation) and G19 VERY useful. It provides a small display for status, has live macro recording, offers lots and lots of macro keys, even in three presets.
Macros can either recorded or scripted via software. Even delays between key presses can be recorded.

Same goes for the G19, which is a macro keypad. - Same features as the G15, just that the G19 only has macro keys, and is an addon to regular keyboards.

Unfortunately the only USEFUL drivers for the Logitech G15 exist only for Windows.
Linux has rudimentary support for the G15 display, but nothing to record or script macros via these macro keys. :/
OS/2 not even has this rudimentary support. To OS/2 this is only a regular keyboard with no advanced functions at all...
So.. only Windows can use the full potential of this keyboard.

Logitech G19 support in other OSes than Windows is even worse... it is not supported at all in Linux or OS/2.

Maybe that would be something for a driver wishlist....

Sergey Posokhov:
Another tool to fight with arthritis and tunnel syndrome is a disc with copper wire invented by Alexander Mishin.

It kills any protozoa with circular DNA inside.

The price is around 160 EUR.

Gordon Snider:
Thank you for the URLs to these great keyboards.  I have been looking for them for a while.


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