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Kudos to the eComStation developers....

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Andreas Schnellbacher:

--- Quote from: Pete on January 03, 2013, 07:25:26 pm ---I've been using the Innotek Font Engine to enhance the WPS for years and it does not seem to cause any problems here - except [...]

--- End quote ---

A common problem of that is that you run out of shared mem sooner than without it.

That would be a bigger problem for me: I have to reboot 2 ... 3 times a day. It depends on how many bitmaps I load into the browser, how many Javascripts run/hang there, how much concert videos I watch and how many times I start the IBM VAC compiler.

Andreas Schnellbacher

Thanks to all for the recommendations - the machine I have running is purely for test purposes and the monitor used is not exactly cutting-edge which may not be helping things. My fonts do look very 'washed out', the smaller the font size the worse they look!  Still, am not too worried, I will sort them out if they remain like that when I hook up my main monitor but that won't be until ver 2.2 becomes available.
Thanks again,


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