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Neil Waldhauer:
I'm hoping to get some help figuring out a problem I have with Google search.

If I search for the term "OS/2 Consulting", the Blonde Guy consulting page comes up as item number one. If I click on it in Firefox (SUa2) for OS/2, nothing happens. If I click on it in Safari for iPhone, the page comes up as expected.

What is going on?

Dariusz Piatkowski:

Weird, but same behaviour here...not sure why, other than the fact that on FF45.9 there doesn't actually appear to be a Page Source present...almost like : there is no page there! Ughhh????

Dave Yeo:
I get the same behaviour with SeaMonkey and DuckDuckGo (default in SM) accept it is the about page and the same behaviour if I manually enter https://www.blondeguy.com/.
I usually see this behaviour when the TLS/SSL type is unsupported by our NSS.
I'll test with a newer build that is linked against the NSS DLLs in netlabs-exp

Dave Yeo:
Same results with the newer version linked against NSS 3.47 though I didn't reboot to get the updated certs, just used BEGINLIBPATH.
Seems to use TLS1.2 which should work, did you try loading it since the 4th when you updated the certificate? Where are you hosting, on your own machine?

Neil Waldhauer:
It's a website hosted by cruzio. They let me control it using plesk, but I'm having trouble configuring secure http, apparently.

OK, I tried with Qupzilla. It works fine to search from google or from duck duck go.


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