Author Topic: XWP v1.0.13 GA  (Read 229 times)

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XWP v1.0.13 GA
« on: January 15, 2020, 02:29:40 am »
XWorkplace v1.0.13 GA is now available.

New Features
  • XShutdown now provides a live Reboot List taken from your AirBoot/BootManager's menu. It is always up to date and requires no configuration (IBM BM support requires LVM). XShutdown's page in the Desktop's notebook has also been updated.
  • The Pulse widget now offers two types of graph: the standard line graph, and a new color-coded moving bar graph that shows average load across all cores. Other improvements include a faster line graph and fixed-position display text that shows when a core is offline.
  • An ACPI-based CPU Temperature widget has been added to XCenter, courtesy of David Azarewicz.
  • Initial Spanish language support has been provided by Alfredo Fernández Díaz.
Updates and Bugfixes
  • NLS - Lite versions will use the "LANG" environment variable to determine which NLS version to load; the behavior of XWP-Full is unchanged. Language settings for all versions can be overridden by putting this in config.sys: "SET XWP_LANG=xxx" - where xxx is a 3-digit country code that XWP supports (e.g. 039)
  • XCenter - 'Create new widget' has been added to all XCenter menus
  • Install/Remove - after uninstalling XWP, the "System" object will be recreated in System Setup the next time the Desktop restarts
  • See XWP Help's "Version history" topic for additional update details.
This version is available in both Full and Lite versions for German, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Dutch.

Martin Iturbide

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Re: XWP v1.0.13 GA
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 06:21:50 pm »
Hi Rich

Thanks for your support on this software. I had installed it and for what I can tried it is working fine at the moment.

I also saw that you updated the source code on the Netlabs SVN. I was wondering if it was possible since it seems that many users (also me) have problems login to netlabs trac, but now I get it that it seems to be a different access for the SVN.

Martin Iturbide
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Andreas Schnellbacher

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Re: XWP v1.0.13 GA
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2020, 07:04:43 pm »
svn and webdav work. For trac, viewing works, but trac login isn't possible. The newsgroups on can't display a posting.

I remember that Adrian wrote that the blog and the old web pages still don't work. They work now.

Apparently the trac login problem wasn't expected, but ldap login generally works.

That means that it's possible to check changes in via svn and to upload files via webdav.