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We would like to ask you to test a new product. This is an alternative to the standard Hardware Manager. See the readme.txt file in the archive for new features and benefits over the standard manager. Please post your screenshots in this forum thread so that we can see what can be improved.

New versions can be downloaded here: http://os2.snc.ru/product-HwExplorer.html

Special thanks to: David Graser for icons, Lars Erdmann for source of HwMan and helpful tips, Os4User for testing and sharing ideas.

Hi, Digi.
This is data from my machine.


--- Quote from: _Hermit_ on January 22, 2020, 09:27:12 pm ---Hi, Digi.
This is data from my machine.

--- End quote ---

Many thanks. Now we need to understand why the types of devices with red question icons have not been detected.
Please download utility:
run it:
resmgr.exe > resmgr.txt
 and send me resmgr.txt by e-mail (see address in readme.txt).

Sergey Posokhov:
It works!

Andreas Schnellbacher:
I'm at my system from 2005 and everything works well, no red question marks and all recognizable components named.


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